Wild Yam

WANTED: Wild Yam extract

AKA: Dioscorea villosa, colic root,

Wanted For:

-Aiding and abetting in sex drive and fertility
-Contributing to the decline of bad cholesterol
-Holding up symptoms of menopause

Suspected of:

-Impeding the process of osteoporosis
-Assisting with pregnancy
-curing colic
-providing relief from  muscle spasms, soughs, upset stomachs, and any type of breathing problems.

Last Seen:

Wild Yams can be found growing  in parts of North America  (mostly Mexico) and China. The extract has been seen in both powdered and liquid form. Wild Yam has also been seen posing as a tea, a capsule, a tablet and a jar of medicinal cream. It is no doubt a master of disguise, and it is  not to be confused with the sweet potato.


The top part of the plant is very bushy (tee hee), sporting small yellowish greenish flowers. Impaled deep into the damp soil of the thickets is the  long thick knotty root  (tee hee) of the yam. Unlike the  soft skin of the short bulbous sweet potato, the skin of the Yam is very thick and the root is also much longer, growing down to 30 feet in length. Another reason why you should not go around calling them “sweet potatoes” are because wild yams are more starchy then sweet, and can be both bitter and acrid. Which is probably why they are known  more for their medicinal benefits.

Its History

Wild Yam first achieved notoriety in the New World as being a Native American remedy for colic, thus giving its moniker as the colic root. In the far east, it was considered a cure  for the bedroom, helping to increase the potency in men and fertility in women. Today Wild Yam has been found to be packed with many healthful antioxidants which can help rid the body of any damaging free radicals. It has also been found to contain diosgenin which is thought to block cholesterol in the body. Many herbalists today  also recommend using wild yam extract to help provide women relief the symptoms of pregnancy and menopause. There is also evidence that wild yam may be beneficial for people who suffer from osteoporosis and breathing problems.

Sexual History

Some species of the Wild Yam are actually cultivated in labs in order to make both synthetic estrogen and DHEA. This is because, the plant contains ample amounts of the chemical diosgenin, which is needed to make these steroids. Because the plant contains this  precursor to sex hormones, it has been used as an  natural way to help balance the hormones and to increase the sex drive in both men and women.

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