White Willow

WANTED: White Willow Extract

AKA: salix alba, herbal aspirin

Wanted For:
-posing as aspirin without the side effects
-acting as an anti-inflammatory without a steep price tag
-Robbing fever like symptoms from the sick

Also suspected of:

-Libidinous acts upon the body 
-Impotency Vigilantism
-Aggravated assault on low energy drives 


The white willow is a species of the willow tree that is native Europe and parts of Asia. It is a medium size, fast growing tree which can reach the height of 90 feet.  It has long and slender limbs and has grey brown bark which may have become deeply fissured with age (we are still working on the sketch). It gets its name because of its leaves which are covered in very fine white silky hairs.

Last seen:

White Willow extract is oftentimes found in tincture form. It can also been found in capsule and tablet form. Powders and teas are also rumored to exist. White Willow extract is also found hanging out with the 12 other all natural ingredients found in Zenerect, the leading natural sexual enhancement pill.


Like aspirin, the bark of the willow tree contains salicin, which can be converted by the body into salicylic acid. Both the ancient Chinese and Native Americans discovered the benefits of the willow plant very early and used it as a remedy for pain and a fever reducer. The bitter powder extracted from willow bark has been also mentioned in both Ancient Greek and Egyptian texts as a remedy for aches pains and fever reduction. In the nineteenth century, the plants active ingredient, salicin was isolated and then used to make salicyclic acid, which was the precursor to the ever popular aspirin.

Sexual History

White Willow extract is added to many natural sex enhancers such as Zenerect in order to help the other ingredients work better. Like aspirin, white willow extract helping increase blood flow, allowing the various vasodilators and hormonal stimulators to work better. Since white willow extract also helps with pain relief, those who take it will most likely be able to give a better performance in the bedroom.

Avoid White Willow if:
Do not use white willow extract if you are allergic to aspirin. Prolonged use of white willow may also irritate the gastrointestinal. Taking too much of it might lead to nausea and vomiting.

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